The Camera that Changes Reality

To answer the need for images without the display of women and girls, our dedicated scientists have developed the Kosher Camera. Sophisticated, built-in facial recognition software analyzes a scene and detects all the faces within the frame. It then covers the feminine faces with one of several options: our Mehadrin Mask (brown paper bag), the Glatt Blot (pixilated face), or Modern Modesty (black bar obscuring the eyes).

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Like they never existed!



The sophisticated camera’s circuitry and algorithms can detect the presence of a female and automatically obscure her face with a suitable covering. The easy-to-use options guide you through the process of selecting the appropriate face covering.



The new Kosher Camera is packed with features that will make every picture you take a kosher picture. All you need to do is to "point and shoot" and the camera with the hechsher will take responsibility for producing kosher results.



Designed in Jerusalem and assembled in China, this camera is made with the finest components. Even professionals will be envious of your new gear. So start photographing like the pros, use a Kosher Camera.


In the Field

Read about how useful the Kosher Camera can be if used by newspaper photographers. Imagine how holy your pictures will be.

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